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valerie greene, stroke recovery, overcoming a strokeCongratulations, your life was spared.  You are a stroke SURVIVOR getting ready to transform into a WARRIOR!  You have survived one of the worst traumas to the human body.  Stroke survivors are victors and have a purpose.  Never use the word “victim”.  This will create a negative mindset and send you in the wrong direction.   Naturally, having a stroke is a big shock to your system and mind.  Temporary adjustments are necessary.  But, you must move forward and begin the road to recovery.  Science has proven that the brain does recover (when given the right resources), so let’s get busy finding & utilizing them.  It’s time to put your gloves on and fight back.

I once heard a comparison of life to a glow-stick  –

Glow sticks are useless until they are bent, broken and shaken up, then and only then do they live up to their full potential and light up the night.  Like glow sticks we must be willing to stretch ourselves revealing the potential that lies in us all”  – Ryan Mickley

So let’s glow! 

Begin with these 5 Keys …..

  1. Mindset –  You first have to believe you can and will overcome a stroke. This is the foundation on which we build.
  2. Learn what’s triggering your body so you can avoid another stroke.
  3. Integrate your approach and discover “Secret Weapons” to expedite your stroke recovery.
  4. Find Your Why – Be determined on purpose.  Your life was spared for a reason.
  5. Ask for Help – Every stroke survivor should have a stroke coach. Someone who has gone before you and knows the way.

Tell us about your recovery.  What have you found helps the most?

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