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Stroke Recovery, caregivers, rehabilitationBecoming a caregiver for someone during stroke recovery may require a long-term commitment of time and energy. And, it can be a real challenge. Don’t try to go it alone. Involve a wider circle of family and friends to help you in your new role as caregiver. Help for those undergoing stroke recovery can also come from your local community or medical and social services organizations.

Whether you are a spouse, son or daughter, sibling, in-law, or friend, your job as caregiver during stroke recovery is an important one. It is also a challenging one. Caregiving can be exhausting, both physically and emotionally. Your loved one may be forced into the unfamiliar position of being dependent on others for things they once did themselves. Be as accepting and forgiving as possible. Do everything you can to simplify daily activities. And don’t try and do it all yourself. Seek help from family and friends. Support groups for caregivers can be just as helpful as support groups for stroke survivors themselves.