Valerie’s one-on-one coaching will keep you on track and moving forward toward a successful outcome and recovery.



World Renowned Stroke Coach  & Author of Conquering Stroke

Your personal stroke coach, mentor, and consultant.
Working with you on an on-going basis …

Why You Need A Coach

  • Receive Expert Guidance and Direction

  • Have Your Own Professional Advocate

  • Get The Facts, Clarity & Focus

  • Be Heard, Understood & Supported


Throughout the years, I learned what costly mistakes to avoid and what works so my body could heal.  After 22 years of personal experience, I developed a recipe for recovery that works!   – Valerie Greene

Looking for Answers ...

  • Why did this happen?

  • Now what?

  • Will I recover?

  • How long will it take?

  • Who can I talk to that understands?

Valerie Greene's Exclusive Coaching

  • Expedite Your Recovery

  • Prevent Another Stroke

  • Discover The Worlds Best Technologies

  • Avoid Costly & Risky Treatments

  • Save Years of Research & Searching

  • Avoid Nursing Home

Learn from a compassionate fellow stroke survivor, and trusted expert.

With over 20 years of personal experience, Valerie Greene delivers hope, empowerment, and direction.

As your stroke coach, Valerie will spend time listening and talking with you. She will offer you information and guidance surrounding stroke therapies and treatments, as well as friendly advice, opinions, encouragement, ideas, resources, and most importantly, options.

Due to high demand, Valerie has a limited number of openings. Send your request today.

Get Coached & Get Results!