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Prevent Strokes, stroke recoveryA person who feels a stroke coming on should drink water as soon as they begin to feel weak and wait for help.

The more hydrated the blood is, the thinner it is, and the easier it can pass oxygen through to the brain.

We often equate dehydration with some poor soul stumbling across a sandy desert under the hot sun, unable to find some clean, clear water. But you don’t have to be devoid of any water, or in a hot climate to be chronically dehydrated. Not drinking enough water; and not drinking the right kind of water can make us sick. Many of us have been unknowingly adjusting for most of our lives to deep-cell thirst and fluid acidity.

Most of us are unaware that our brain is 85% water and that it is the first place to lose water and become dehydrated. Proper hydration of the brain is essential, and drinking the right kind of water is imperative! What water are you drinking?