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A stroke support group was started in my area for stroke survivors under age 50.  Listening to the stories took me back to the time when I survived a massive stroke at age 31.  No matter the background or experience, we all had something to learn and share.  Naturally, none of us ever imagined talking about this, but once your there can’t you can’t help but connect and share.  Knowing your not alone can make a big difference in your recovery.

Recent scientific studies are validating the importance of social support in stroke recovery. Social interaction and simply feeling connected to others helps ease the depression and isolation so common after stroke. “Going to a group is like going to a country where everyone speaks your language,” said one survivor. “Stroke survivors know what it’s like. There’s an immense bond.”

Sharing insights and experiences in a support group can help stroke survivors, their families, and friends as they continue on their life path.  Reaching out for guidance and support can often make the difference in leading to a successful recovery. Discover simple ways to connect with others and share. You will feel better and so will they.

No support group in your area, or do mobility or time restrictions make it hard to make it to a group? You can attend our support community on your schedule, without leaving the comfort of home.  Join the Bcenter forum and chat with survivors around the world.

Tell us about your support, and /or come chat with us ….

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