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World Renowned Stroke Coach  & Author of Conquering Stroke

Your personal coach & mentor.

Leading You to Victory! 

With Valerie Greene As Your Stroke Coach

You will learn how to …
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  • Prevent Another Stroke or Premature Death
  • Expedite Your Recovery
  • Discover Cutting Edge Tools & Training
  • Avoid Costly & Risky Treatments
  • Save Years of Research & Searching

It’s time for YOUR Breakthrough!

Coaching Programs

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Coaching Program

  •  8-Week Program
  • Hosted & Instructed by Valerie Greene
  • Motivation, Direction, Training
  • 1- Live  Q & A  Session Each Week
  • Learn Alongside Other Survivors
  • Help Desk As Needed

Private Coaching

  •  8-Week Program
  •  One-on-One Coaching With Valerie
  • Motivation, Direction, Training
  •  Scheduled Weekly Calls
  • Help Desk As Needed
  • On-Going Check-in & Updates


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