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World Renowned Stroke Coach  & Author of Conquering Stroke

Your personal stroke coach, mentor and consultant.

Working with you on an on-going basis …

With Valerie Greene As Your Stroke Coach

You will learn how to …
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  • Prevent Another Stroke or Premature Death
  • Expedite Your Recovery
  • Discover Worlds Best Wellness Technologies
  • Avoid Costly & Risky Treatments
  • Save Years of Research & Searching
  • Avoid Nursing Home

“Over the last 23 years of personal experience, I know what works. ” 

For the best stroke recovery, you need a coach!  

Coaching Programs

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Private Coaching

  •  8-Week Program
  • One-on-One Coaching With Valerie Greene
  • Valerie’s Personal Stroke Recovery Protocol
  • Support, Motivation & Guidance
  •  Scheduled Weekly Calls
  • Email & Texts
  • On-Going Check-in & Updates

Concierge Coaching

  •  Annual Concierge Member
  • On call One-On-One Coaching & Family Consultations As Needed
  • Private Meeting & Evaluation With Valerie Greene
  • Airfare & Accommodations Included
  •   Support, Motivation & Guidance
  • Email & Texts
  • On-going check-in and updates


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