Nancy Johnson

Valerie Greene’s stroke recovery coaching & mentoring services are priceless!  Her insight is remarkable. She motivates from the heart and with great personal experience.

Nancy Johnson, Florida

Sunshine Waters

My stroke recovery is progressing faster than anyone could have imagined. Thank you, God for leading me to Valerie Greene and blessing her with your light.

Sunshine Waters, Florida

Anne O’Callaghan

If it wasn’t for Valerie’s stroke coaching I wouldn’t be as well as I am now.

Anne O'Callaghan, Australia


Valerie Greene brings hope to stroke survivors.  I highly recommend anyone that is going through stroke recovery to contact her. She is a great coach and motivator.

Lou, Maine

Secily Wilson

Valerie is my Stroke Angel. Her guidance saved my life.

Secily Wilson, Florida


Valerie gave me the courage to fight for my life.

Erin, California

Kristi Longtin

Valerie has dedicated her life for all of us stroke survivors and I am so grateful for her. She has taught me how to utilize the best methods to expedite my stroke recovery while keeping me from having another stroke.

Kristi Longtin, North Dakota

Carl Earl Joseph Chavez

Valerie Greene’s optimism and encouragement has made me more determined to fight my stroke and get my life back to normal. It truly makes a difference on my outlook in life. Thank you, Valerie!

Carl Earl Joseph Chavez, Philippines

Zina Begalinova

I’m very happy that the World has such people like Valerie Greene who is a perfect role model and coach for stroke recovery and who always inspires the people around, shows that everything is possible! Thank you very much, Valerie!

Zina Begalinova, Kazakhstan

Deidra Johnson

Valerie has been a lifeline to me and my family.

Deidra Johnson