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Stroke Recovery Coach

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  • Expedite Your Recovery

  • Prevent Another Stroke & Premature Death
  • Avoid Risky Treatments
  • Save Years Searching & Suffering

I have been where you are and walked in your shoes.   

After surviving two strokes, I was paralyzed and unable to speak.  Doctors told me I may never walk or talk again and most of my hearing was lost. 

I felt my life was over.  

Determined to heal, I set out on a world quest to find answers.  After trying many things, I discovered what made the difference.  

Learn from my experience and save precious time and unnecessary suffering.

        – Valerie Greene



Finding Valerie was an answer to my prayers.  She has been there and knows what to do.   I’m finally regaining my independence and life back!     

Thank you, Valerie!                                                               – Christy, Stroke Survivor

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“There is no one better suited to bring long-term recovery to a stroke survivor than Valerie Greene. If you are at the point in your stroke recovery where you truly need to make meaningful, lasting changes in your winding path, call Valerie about personal, professional stroke coaching.”
–  Kevin, Stroke Survivor.  New Jersey
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Hi, I’m Valerie — author of Conquering Stroke.

With over 20 years of personal experience , I have had the honor to help hundreds of stroke survivors around the world.  The most common dominator is – we all need hope.  Hope is the first ingredient for recovery.  Hope uplifts and empowers us to go further and reach higher than we ever thought possible.

As your stroke coach, you will receive the amazing power of hope and encouragement while I show you what works best to expedite the natural healing process, and in a lot of cases – actually reverse damage.  You will discover the finest state-of-the art therapies and treatments in the world.  Most importantly, you will have unparalleled guidance and direction from someone who has already walked the steep path , so you won’t have to.

Just like a recipe, my protocol has a sequence of ingredients that are simple to use and highly effective when followed.

If you’re ready to move forward and return to living with energy & vitality,  then click on the button below and schedule a call.  I look forward to talking with you.


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A good Coach can change a game. A great Coach can change a life.